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Man .nn4ihpY A Sermon preached before the Honourable ffeerage of the heart, by the fear of God in a right line, to intend and aim at him and his glory, in all you doe; for thofe crooked, ferpentine, and fub- till vvindings and turnings of heart, which are' called, P falm. i45.4,á. crooked miffs, that are like a vvinding vvay, or vvinding brooke, that runs in and out ; or, like a vvinding ífayre cafe, where a man goes but three or four flepps, and then turnes to another point, are let in oppofition to uprightnes of heart ; fuch of and an, fuch in and out hearts cannot be upright, they then are double minded. I. Whole hearts are not fingle and entire with God, but divided between God and felf, being N- affed with carnali and vvorldly lulls, policies or ends. Like the heart of an Adulterer, or Adulterefee (fo thefe double minded ones are alto called, verf 4,) which is divided between husband or wife, and fome other ftrange love. 2. Whofe hearts are not fixed upon one center, but uncertain., moveable , and inconftant with God, Cap.i.ver.8. A double minded man ù unfit- led in all hrsmaies. The word is,áTáTOs, vvhich lignifies that he is at no fetledneffe within himfelf, but offand on, by reafon oflufts that mutiny with- in him, and carry him away from chufing, and rating upon God alone and this inconflancie rifes from the former, namely, the divifion of the Mart, for it being divided in it felfe by reafonings, felf- interefis; lulls, cannot be., conflant in attend- ance upon God. It is but by accident 'that the weathe-