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;CO 110 Hotifi of Commons on the Fe January. 28.1645. - -9 T. Acorruptand wicked life argues a man to be a ftranger to God, and God to him. 2. They that will draw nigh to God, muft clean fe their hands. A corrupt and wicked life argues a manto Doi7.r, be a ftranger to God, and God him ; for other- wife a man might draw nigh to God, and have unclean hands too, which the Text fuppofes that it cannot be. That power which drawl's man into acquaintance with God, doth pro- portionably kill finne. That power which Awes from God in acquaintance with a man, kills .finne : whether I p.;oe out to the funne, or the funne come in to me, the da.rkneffe is expeld : finne hath not dominion o- ver them that are under grace, Rom.6.14. the knowledge of God fets a man bofe from his bondage to the enflaving lulls he before {-cued, ye 'hall know the truth, and the truth ¡hall make you free, John 8.32. draw nigh to God, and be unclean if you can. That faith which is uniting to Chrift, is a purifying faith; rebellion againft the Commandements of God, is inconfiftent with communion with God ., you may faft,and pray, and ask,that you may confume upon your lulls, ver.4. like a cutpurfe in a Church, who comes not thi- therto leek God, but his prey. They that draw. nigh to God, -mat eleanfe their hands; i i II waft) mine hands in innocency, fo will I compaffe thine A Itar,0 Lord, Pal. 26.6. Where you may obferve, that thankfgivings and praifes, which the Pfalmift calls facrifices of fhout- ing,