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io A Sermon preached before the Honourable ;'rif 'r 1-; ing, or loud mufick,, Pfal.27.6. and wherein they Lorirus in.f fa'. ufed (as one faith) cheros altere circum altare, are to '6 6, be performed with wafhen hands : fo in your prayers, the Lord requires that you 1hould lift up pure hands, t Tim.. a.ó. and what a Tweet refle;i- on may you make upon your deliverances which are wonderful!, when you can fay, I was upright with God, and I kept my felf from mine iniqui- ty r Therefore hath the Lord recompenfed me according to 'my righteoufnes, according to the cleannefs'e of my hands in his eye -fight, Pfà1.18.23,. 24. If ye fall into flraits, and be plunged into depths of mifery ; If your face be foul with weep - ing, and on your eye. lids be the /hadow of death ; what a lifting up of the head will it be unto you, to be able to fay, Not for any injullice in my hands e Job.i6.17. Ifthe Lord (hall deliver this Ifland from the oppression and injuflice under which it hath groaned ; what a crown and comfort will it be to you, that it is delivered by the purenes of your bands? Job.2 2.3o. To conclude. If there be a frufiration of our coun'ells, and our endeavours bring forth nothing but winde ; You (hall ende the reafön why God makes all void and ineffetuv all, lfa.S9.6. Their webs fhall not become gar- ments, neither fhall they' cover themfelves with their works ; Their works are works of snigi ity, and the a of violence is in their hands. That nothing may be loft, let us pickup the particulars that are offered unto us in this point. i. That God invites á 8.70x4, great hnners to draw nigh to him, and promifeth to draw nigh to them,