Vines - BV4270 V5637 1646

,.. Igs lau ro f an 'hac my fed d; Hoge o f Commons on the Faft, January. a 8.1645. 23 can be no expe6tation of any returne of hearties prayer, hearties performance of duties ; and this is the common pofture of fpirit of the ignorant, and fecure worldlings. There are force that have double hearts, they pretend to have a zeal of God, and they profeffe the name of Chrift, and hang out the Chriftian colours : but through hypocrr.- fy and partiality to their own ends, and felf-re- fpe%ts they halt between God and B441, or en- deavour to comply with two matters, or they part their friendfhip and love between God and the world, as ver.4. Ye adulterers and adultereffes, know ye not that the friendfhip of the world is enmity with God r There are force that have one heart, and this is that which God promifeth to his Covenant-people, and wherein he delights, when the heart is totum hnmogeneum, whole and undivided from him, then is it a perfect heart,and of a happy temper or conl itution, being of chaff love, afIec`tion and faithfulnes to God, not vitia- ted or deflowred by carnali copulation with other bale lufts or ends ; do but obferve our Saviour in that Paying of his, Math.6.2 2,2 ;. how he oppo- feth unto a Tingle eye, an evil one ; If, faith he, Thine eyebe jangle, and then when you would have expected that double fhould have been oppofed to Jingle, he faith, But if thy eye be evil, thereby fìgnitying,that if it be not fingle., it is naught and evil ; and whereas one might think, that a dou- ble eye bath more light then a fingle : our Savi -. our tels us the plain contrary, that a (angle eye makes the body full of light, but a double eye fills