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22 4 Sermon preached before the Honourable is of his opinion and judgement in other things ; Oh let juflice dwell in your tents, and in your hands.And if in this ataxie, or confufion of things it be impofïible to prevent, or remedy many mi.:- carriages, as I think it is, (confidering that many who run in to the common ícathe -fire, doe not intend the quenching of it, but the Peeking of an opportunity,inthat confufion, to rob them that are in mifery, and to fifh for themfelves) then my prayer (hall be that of Hezekiab, 2 Chron. 3o. 18,19. The good Lord pardon every one that prepa- reth his heart to feek God, though he be not clean f ed 4ecerding to the purification of the SanCivary. And fo I paffe on to the fecond particular in the Text, Purifie your hearts, ye double minded ; whence I take up thefe two points. I . Double minded men have corrupt hearts. 2. This double mindednes hinders both eur drawing nigh to God , and his drawing nigh to us. Double minded men have corrupt hearts : for its Paid, purify your hearts, ye double minded. Doublemindednes is a divifion of heart between God and force other preponderating luf?, or felt - interef}; and fo where there fhould be no divifi- on, but finglenes and integrity, there is divifion ; For all the heart, all the minde, all the foul, and all the ftrength , is that which God calls for. There are force that have no heart, they have no thoughts of God, no re!ifh ofhim, no byaffe to- wards him ; it was an ill omen in facrifices, quan- do cor de, fecidet_, when there wanted a heart; there can