Vines - BV4270 V5637 1646

fi Ofe3 f T UT E YI 0 F +41 VNCLEAN HEARTS and Hands: OPENED In aSERMON Preached before '6.! the Honourable Houle of Commarq s E!' at their folemne Faft, Yanaary 28. 1645. in Margarets Welbninfler. s. ..,-. By RICHARD V I N E s, one of the Affem- km_ bly of Divines. a7 l A 4 P s A L. 2 4. 3,4. Who !hall afcend into the hill of the Lord ? and who , ad and in hm holy place ? ,,,, He that hath clean hands and a pure heart. a .- ed blith Pu by Order of the Houle of e c 0 m m 0 N S 1.50 4 iZ4J LONDON, Printed by G. M. for Abel Roper, at the figne of the ,v04,'i againft St D toilians Church in Fleedi-reet. 1646. ..,... 4 66 VSZ4 6A3 vAxiA3C)1\30.13t),;.1Ch1,2C6J PAJI,./..1C,,..1::),..1C-0A.10QC,IAJCì..3 .1, \-:ii.--), 414 4414 ciko 4V4 *)1; '4'4 4ik) ei.',, V& 4-T4 t4''. e-14 4jk, Cj41 4.14 4i1" 44-4 '-'4.'") Z.4". ,, ..