Vines - BV4270 V5637 1646

Die &fercur j 2$ °. January, 1645. ORdered by the Commons aff'embled in PARLIAMENT, th at M. Long and M. Holland do from this Houfe give thanks to Vines for the great pains he took in the Sermons he preached this day, at the intreaty of this Houle, at St e /largarets WeO.o miñfier, (it bung the day of Pub, like Humiliation) and to defire him to Print his Sermon. And it is Ordered, that none Ihall Print his Sermon, but who £hall be licenfed under his handwri.^ Ling. . Elynge, Gera) arl. D.Cómo , 9 ppflint .4be r9per to print this Sermon. Richard vines,