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¡sauf e of Commons on the Faß, January. 2 $. 1 645. 2 "5 )11ó1e alto rtid has. will r arse and End, l is eel ne; he, t together: and until! you mutt pull dawn 9eró6ea nms calves, as well as Ahabs Baal, and then you part with him when it comes to fuch a pinch; fo alfo in adverfity or affli Lion, we make ?Yaw arum vota, mariners vowes (as they doe in a ftorm) and when we ,are on fhore,_ and landed out of danger,. We eat the Covenant we made before; Rf 1.78.24. &c. when he flew them,then they fóught him, andthty returned and enquired early after God, and they remembred that God wits their rock, and the- high God their Redeemer. .Nevertheles, they did but flatterand lye unto him, for their heart weu not right with him, ror were they flédfaíi in his Covenant. If the heart was right with God, it would be cer- tain and fledfaft with him. Conflancy is but the daughter of fincerity. Its a hateful! thing to fet fail to every winde, and to change colour fo often, being no fàfler tyed to God in the tempeff, then we can be loofened in the calm ; Be what you were in the siorm : in your affliiion you will abide to befpurred withoutkicking, and are ve- ry tame under reproofs: but when you are lifted tip and are at fhore, put you in minde of your vowes and Covenants in the day of your trouble,is as an unpleaf ng a thing, as to put a at.fhore in minde of his vowes or 'pro - miies made at Sea. Its no great danger to re- prove men fharply when they are low, any cow- ard may firike a 1114111 that is down, but (believe it) when men are aloft and high, and may more fafelyer be dealt ;withal! by [freaking, then by E the