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Sermon preached befäre the Honourable the fpurre , then it is f omewhat to come nigh the heels of truth , for it may haply ílrike out his teeth. 2. This doublemindedneffe is a divifion of the heart from God. r. It is divided between the promifes of God, and the difficulties oppofite, when a man laies his dead body and the dead womb of Sara in the séales , againft the promife of having ifaac, this is fenfe fighting againft faith. 2. Between confcience and lust, confcience dï- dates, luft byaffes, the inferiour appetite muti- nies againft the fuperiour light, and leads it cap- tive, video melioraprobvque,deteriora fequor. 3.Be- tween Religion and policy : and then Religion commonly goes by the words , 7ersboam and the Kings of Ifrael, to comply with their politick re- fpeé s,fet up, and continued a felf- devifed wor. chip. 4. Between God and the world , of God Ind our own ends,as they here in the Text : when we make God a meer fervant to our felves, and move upon a private center of our own : the heart is cunning and fubtile in fquinting towards its own ends: visibly we will be for God : under hand we leek our felves : fo the planets in their daily motion from Eaft to Weft, move as the fixed `tarres, but they have another motion of their own, which is creepingly by ftealth, and mom . unperceivable then the other. For the ufe ofthis point, let me turne the words . of the Text once more upon you, by way of ex- hortAtion ; ruri f yosrr he,trts,ye double-minded, cart.- out