Vines - BV4270 V5637 1646

.4 Sermon preached before the Honourable theis. You know, the Gorgons head which ftsuck all men dumb in former times. The Church, the Church, is not likely to have the farne operation now, in this Peeing and fearching age : though men will willingly be fubje2s to your authority, yet alfo,as they are men, they will bejraves to reafon. 'There is in your hands already ( Renowned and Honourable) fomething which was printed by your appointment, for your fatisfa6lion, in one main propofition, which if it Might fee the pub - like light, might give light to many who are vet in a cloud or miff. So much for this point. There is yet a fecond, arifìng from thefe words : Purify your hearts,ye dou- ble-minded. And that is, A double- minded man through the uncleannes of his heart, keeps at diftance from God and God keeps at diftance from him. He that is byaffed. with fome predominant Tuff , -cannot clofe with God fincerely, univerfally, neither will God impart himfelf to finch a man ; For let not that man think that he pall receive any thing of the Lord, lames 1.7 . would any ofyou fettle an acquaintance or friendfhip with a known Vertumnmr r , that will be a parafice at one time , and -a lud - -t4 at another : God is choice f his friends , he owns not filch às ferve their 4ufts, and are in heart divided from him. I have no time left me for this point : as neither for the confideration of both parts of this Text in conne:iou together : clean hands, and pare hearts: nor