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Houle of Commons on the Fafl, January.2 8. i: dg. 5. fo long,that now we cannot goe ffrait laced. Its irkfome to wilde birds to be coopt up in a cage un- der difcipline. Thole that have been fuch proficients in the fchool of liberty ,ina few years, as:ro commence teachers and preachers of the Word, or have grown to be fuch illuminates, as they pretend, will no more rejoyce in, or accept of,a Government which may degrade them, or refolve them into the firff matter or elements of their compof Lion, then Souldiers of fortune (as they are called) can re- joyce in a peace concluded and fetled . There might be named many other filch like ends and intereffs; which carry firoke with men, and are the caufes of our divifì,ms; which would in great part be quenched, if the game was plaid on all hands, by confcience and finglenes of heart : let us therefore fearch out thofe felf- refpeds which lie dole in us, that we may finde the head of that _Mitts which thus overflowes the banks.. That ouble- mindednes which keeps us at diffance from God, doth alfo keep us at diffance from one ano- ther, and therefore that we may be dv'p.4.0 s, phii. 2.2. of one accord, I doe- for my own part cont ceive it much conducing, that whatfoever touch- ing.thefettlement of the Church, (hall paífe your hands,- may (in the main parts thereof) goe forth into the world, feconded with the . reaions and grounds of it : for-doubtles, the reani :wwhich in- duced you to fet the ffamp of authority:upon ire, will avail much to make is pa.ffe currentlywith o- E 3 theis. , 29