Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

134 A. HOPEFUL YOUTH [SEAM. VII. to shake the foundations of the gospel, to diminish the authority of the scriptures, and to unsettle the hope of feeble christians! There are others who employ the best powers of the soul :in pursuing the interests of this life; they are wise in contrivance to gratify their Appetites, to fill their cof- fers, and to heap up to themselves wealth and honours ; and wise to secure all these to their posterity after death: They call their lands by their own names, and perpetuate their memory to the latest generations, but make no provision for their own souls : they are wise to set in order their houses in the day of their health, and all things prepared for their dying hour, besides the con- cerns of their own eternity; these are delayed from day to day, and left at the utmost hazard ; and still they think the next month, or the next year, it is time enough to prepare for heaven, when perhaps a summons is sent suddenly from on high; Thou fool, this night is thy soul required of thee, Luke xii. 20. What confusion and fear, what hurry and distress of spirit will seize you in that hour ? You that have laid out all your wisdom upon the little businesses of this life, and trifled with affairs of everlasting importance ; you must go down to the chambers of death in suprize and anguish ; you must leave all the fruits of your wisdom behind you, and be branded for eternal fools. pity thosewho are blessed with a large memory, and would plead with you this day for the sake of your souls. The memory, it is a noble repository of the mind, it is made to receive 'divine truths, to be stored with the ideas of God and his grace, with the glories of Christ and , heaven: it is given us to furnish and supply the heart and tongue upon all occasions, for worship, for confer- ence, and for holy joy. What pity it is so wonderous a capacity should be crouded with vile images, with wan- ton scenes, with profane jests, and idle stories ! Or, at best, it is filled with gold, and silver, and merchandize; with lands and houses, ships and insurances ; it is all in- scribed with stocks; annuities, and purchases, and turn- ed into a mere book of accounts, a trading shop, or an everlasting exchange : Night and day, the ,buyers and sellers are passing through this temple, 'which should be consecrated-- to-God; and there is no room left for. the