Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

SERVI. VTIM.. FALLING SHORT OF HEAVEN. 135 thoughts of heaven there. Shall these busy swarms of cares and vanities for ever fill up so large a chamber of the soul? Shall impertinencies be for ever thrust into this treasury? such as will stand you in no stead, when you are dismissed from the body, but shall vanish all at once in that hour, and shall leave your spirits poor and naked : or if they follow you to the world of spirits, it will be but as so much fuel gathered for your future burning. Think a little with yourselves, ye possessors of these rich endowments of the mind, when you have been ho- noured here on earth, can you bear to be doomed to eternal shame and punishment in hell? Shall this wit, and this reason be there employed to express your hatred against God, and to forge perpetual blasphemies against the Majesty of Heaven ? are you willing to be joined to the society of devils, and be engaged in their abomina- ble work ? Shall this sprightly fancy, this subtle reason, this large memory, serve for no purpose, but to aggra- vate your guilt and your damnation? Shall these fine talents sharpen your misery, and give edge to the keen- est reflections of conscience; conscience, that inward sting of the mind ; conscience, that immortal tormentor? Yet this must be the certain portion of those who spend their life, and lie down in death, with these talents un- sanctified : for the anguish and torture of sinful souls, must rise, and grow for ever, in proportion to the glory of their abused endowments. Though, perhaps, I have been tedious already under this head, yet, before I part with it, I must address myself to those who are born with a sweet disposition, that seem to be cast in a softer mould than the rest of men. I love and pity those of myacquaintance who are blessed with so divine a temper, who have tenderness and good-will in their very form and aspect, and I mourn to think that any of these should perish for ever. Yòu are the favourites of all men, and beloved by all who enjoy the pleasure of your acquaintance ; do yenot long to be the favourites of God too ? You seem to be made for the delight and comfort of mankind: but shall this be all your portion ? Good- humour is the composition of your nature, and the law of kindness is on your lips : when the ear hears you, then it blesses you; and when x4