Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

SERA. 11. INWARD WITNESS TO CHBISTIANIT. on it, are the three witnesses on earth which the apostle designs; nor can I absolutely determine which is the. right. Before I conclude, I would lay down onecaution and one reflection. The caution is this : That though I exclude all humans religions from the honour, power, and glorious effects of christianity, as being utterly uncapáble of them, yet the Jewish religion, and that of the ancient patriarchs, which were divine, are not hereby totally excluded front this honour, and these characters, but only in part: For there were many souls in whom these beginnings ofeter nal life were wrought under those dispensations; but not with that glory and evidence as under the christian. And indeed Judaismwas but a sort of infant christianity, a veiled gospel, The christian religion is Judaism ful- filled, or the gospel standing in open light. All that ho- liness and happiness which was found among the Jews or patriarchs, is entirely owing to Christ and his gospel, to the sacrifice, and the spirit, and graceofJesus, which were typifiedby the legal atonements, and blood, sprink- lings and washings; and which wrought powerfully this divine life in their souls, through all those types, but.. with feebler conviction, and in a fainter light. Besides, it should be observed here also, that since the christian religion has received its full authorityand divine establishment, the Jewish dispensation ceases, and is no longer owned,. or aided by the Spirit of God, to produce thesewonderful effects. The types and sha- dows of that state have now no power to speak peace and pardon to the guilty soul, or to purify our sinful natures, and begin eternal life in them. These are abo- lished by divine appointment, and God will hear witness to them no more. They who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, are deceivers, 2 John 7. He that bath not the Son of God, bath not lift, f John v. 12. So that the doctrine of Christ is the only religion which We know of, that is practised'in the world, that has had the stamp of divine authority above sixteen hundred years; and as there have been multitudes of witnesses to the truth of it, multitudes of souls in the first, and all the succeeding ages, who have felt eternal