Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

I WI S0 I2,1WAfiI4 W3TNES9 TO CHRISTIAriíT$. ESERM.11. life wröug1}t. in them by the power of the gospel, so there is no other religion ever since can produce and shew such divine testimony ; for there is salvation in Sao other ,came, Acts iv. The only reflection I shall make, is this : We may de- rive hence asolid and infallible rule for self-examination, whether we are christians or no: Have we in ourselves this divine witness of our christianity ? Have we eternal life wrought in our own hearts ? Have we desired peace of conscience, and any hope of pardoning grace, by trust- ing in the Son of God? Have we found any satisfaction of soul in drawing near to God byJesus the Mediator ? Do we find a sincere love to God kindled in our souls by the hope of his special favour ? Is there any thing of the holiness or happiness of the heavenly state begun within us? Have we an aversion to all sin in some de- gree answerable to what the saints and angels have in heaven ? Have we a holy contempt of this world ? Have we overcome the world as those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and have put their trust in him ?. Do we live above it, as those that are within sight of eter- nal blessedness? Are we come to mount Sion, the city of the living God,. to the innumerable company of an- gels, and the church of the first-born, &c. in this.re- spect? Do we look down upon the tempting vanities of this life with a sacred disdain, something like those that dwell on high in the full possession of life eternal ? Is there any similitude between our life and theirs, between our hearts and theirs ?. Dowe delight in the worship of God ? Is his presence our joy ? Is his enjoyment the object of our desires ? Are we zealous for his service ?. Are our aims set for his glory ? Are we active in the discharge of the duties that he bath appointed to us, and the several provinces of service that he has ordained is to be engaged in, in this world ? Do we do the will of our HeavenlyFather on earth, in some measure as it it is done in heaven ? How stand our hearts affected to ward our. fellow-creatures ? Do we love our neighbour, by dealing with him as we desire he should deal with us ? Can we forgive enemies? Do we rejoice in the, welfare of - otherswithout envy, and take delight in the holiness and peaceof our fellow-creatures, and give the