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S£ M. III., INWARD WITNESS TO CHRISTIANITY. SI poor and mean followers of Christ, a large share, in our hearts and kindest affections ? If this be the çharacter and temper of our spirits, and this the conduct of our lives, then eternal life is begun in us; then we may say' to our own souls, This is the record that God bath given concerning his Sou, that there is eternal life in him, I John v. 11. and we are sure we build our hopes ön a solid foundation, for this life is already begun in our hearts, and the Spirit of God, who has begun this work, will carry it on, and make it perfect in the days of eternity. Amen. SERMON IIL THE INWARD WITNESS TO CHRISTIANITY. I JOIIN V. lo. He that believeth on the Son of God, bath the witness in himself: THE THIRD PART. MANY and glorious are the outward testimonies that God has given to our religion, both in the days when his Son Jesus dwelt on earth, and in the time of the ministration of the apostles, who followed their blessed Lord. The miracles wrought, the prophecies fulfilled, and the various glories attending the ministration of the gospel, conspire to confirm our faith ; each of them are evidences of the truth and divinityof this doctrine; and all of them joined together, bear such a testimony as cannot be resisted, We live now in these latter days at a long distance from those seasons wherein these miracles were wrought, and wherein God appeared in so imme- diate a manner from heaven, to witness to the truth of thegospel of his Son ; but God has taken care to furnish every true believer with a sufficient witness of christi- anity; we are not left void of evidence at this day. lie that believeth, hath the witness in himself. There is an internal testimony given to the gospel of Christ in the heart of every one that receives it in truth. There are ;