Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

SgRM. XXXVIII.1 THE CÍïá1STt.1N'9 TREÁSi71ìË. 143 life seem to be leaving thee, have a care of murmuring against thy God. Dare not take up the words of Jacoby andsay, "Joseph is not, and Simeon is not, and will ye take Benjamin also? Surely all these things are against me," Gen. xlii, 36. But Jacob was made to know, by sweet experience, that all these things wrought for his real advantage, and were made the means of preserving himself and his family too in a day of spreading famine and. desolation. Sixth Use. This doctrine forbids all contention and envy at our fellow-creatures, as well as repining against God. Is my brother healthy and strong, while I. am sick and feeble, and languishing ? Does my brother possess more of the good things of this life than I do ? It is because our common Father sees it proper to keep me shorter, and to with -hold so full an allowance from me.. I have an interest in the same large inheritance; I am a child of the same family ; and therefore all things are mine as well as his: But I have committed it entirely to the wis- dom and goodness of our heavenly Father, to put into my hands what part he pleases of my large inheritance. He is wisest, andwill distribute the several portions that he sees fittest for his children, and for this .reason I cannot envy,my brother: It is the same kind and faith-. ful hand that weighs and measures out my grains and scruples, and little handfuls of earthly blessings, that gives my brother his loads and his full barns. Has the ministry of Paul been blessed to me, and not that of Apollos ? Have the labours of Apollos been more blessed to my fellow - Christian, or the plain and familiar instructions of Cephas? Well, I Will never make any parties in the church upon this account; for all the mi- nisters of the gospel are appointed for our edification; and I will rejoice in them all, and bless Gòd for the ser- vice they do the family of Christ. Ifmy portion of spi- ritual food be distributed to me by the hands of Paul, it is our common Father that conveys the same sacred food to another, by the hands of Cephas or Apollos; and the world shall never hear me say, " I, atri of Paul, in op position to Apollos or Peter ; though I must confess, God has blessed his ministrations most eminently to my soul.