Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

14A' THE CHRISTIAN'S TREASURE. tSERM. XXXVIII. Seventh Use. Has God given all things to the saints by the covenant of grace, surely then they should return all things back again to him, in a way of gratitude, duty and service.. Has he promised to make every thingwhich we have to do with, concur to promote our best interest, and our final happiness ? Let us then apply ourselves with zeal and diligence, to make every thing within our reach subserve his divine interests, and the glory of his kingdom. Has my gracious God with-held nothing fromme, but together with his own Son given me all things, why then should I with-hold any thing from him ? Why should I not devote my heart, my head, my hands, my whole self; and all things that are within my power, to the ho- nour of his name? Does God bestow life or health, or riches, upon such a worthless creature as I am ? Let holiness to the Lord be written upon them all. And if my fellow-creatures are poor, needy, cold, and starving, let me chearfully minister to them of my substance, which the great Lord of heaven and earth has so richlybestow- ed on me. My God honours me indeed, when he makes me the dispenser of his blessings among his creatures, and especially among his saints. I lose nothing by this benevolence, but am rather enriched by this very distri- bution. I become rich in good works, and rich in divine promises : " He that gives to the poor lendeth to the Lord, and he will repay him." Alms are as money laid out to the best interest, andare a growing treasure. But should I hope for no new beneficial returnofall my kindness to men, the very benefits received of God my Father constrain me to this bounty. Has he given all things to a poor worthless creature, and shall I give no- thing to the poor, or to the unworthy? Shall I not ra- ther imitate the profuse bounty of my God, who com- mands " his sun to shine, and his rain to descend, both on the evil and the good." It is a divine excellence to love and to distribute as God does. The name of Jesus my Saviour has yet a further power to oblige me to use all myearthly possessions for his ho- nour. Has Christ Jesus purchased this large and fair inheritance formewith his blood, has. he given me much on earth, and the hopes of greater treasures in heaven, then I will be my own no longer, but give my wholeself