Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

BERM. XXXVIIT.J THE CHRISTIANS TREASURE. lari up tohim, with all my powers, and talents, and posses- sions ! They are thine, blessed Saviour, they are thine for ever. It is the solemn and deliberate wish of my heart, that I may never possess or enjoy any thing from which Christ has no revenue of glory. O that his grace may enable me to employ things present for this holy purpose ! And when I arrive at the actual possession of things to come, they shall be improved in an unknown but a nobler manner, for the everlasting glory of my God, my Father, and my Saviour. THE RECOLLECTION of the doctrinal part. " In this discourse, Omy soul, thou hast not only been called to survey the riches of thy inheritance, but thou hast learned also, in what manner this inheritance is made over to thee, if thou art a sincere christian, and a believer on the Son of God. "Look backward, my soul, to eternal ages, before the world began, when God marked out the bounds of this creation, and the limits of these heavens, and this earth, he designed themwith all their treasures, for the service of his holy ones, for the benefit of his children, angels and men; and thy name and thy share were written down amongst them. The great God, in those early days of his eternity, has provided a rich sufficiency for thy pre- sent and future blessedness. O may my faith take this delightful and distant retrospect, and rejoice in God's eternal love ! " God has given all things into the hands of his own Son Jesus, whom he hath ordained Lordof all, that he might govern and dispose of all things for the good of his people. Christ is risen from the dead, and hath taken possession ofall the blessings of grace and glory, in the name of his saints, that he may make them possessors in their season, and according to their measure: That he may make thee, O my soul, a rich possessor of so fair an inheritance; and that he may keep every part of it secure for thee, till in succession of times and seasons, both in earth and in heaven, thou art fit to receive and enjoy it. If thou artmade a joint heir with Christ, thou art heir of all things. But remember, it is a living faith in Christ that must intitle thee to this rich inheritance. It is of infinite im- portance then, to search often and enquire, Am I a VOL. II. L