Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

SERA!. XXXII.] OR REMEDIES AGA,IN$T FEAR. An pers of the flesh, that fear is a constant tyrant over them : Their case is to be pitied indeed, but they ought to stir up themselves as far as possible to shake off this bondage, lest it withhold them from the practice of necessary du- ties, and rob them of all the comforts of religion. This slavish fear is a disease of the mind, as well as a weakness of nature ; and besides, our summoning toge- ther all the powers and precepts ofreason, we should also apply the remedies ofreligion, in order to remove it : If the divine Spirit concur with his blessing, the following methods may be made happily successful ; I. See to it thatYe are ehristians indeed, that you have the power of religion wrought in your hearts, otherwise you will never be able boldly to maintain the form and the profession of it in an hour of danger. Fear will pre- vail over every thing but true faith : And if your religion he not inward and sincere, and built on solid founda- tions, it will tremble and totter, and be in great danger of being utterly lost. One hard name, one biting reproach, one witty scoff or ugly slander, will dash the hypocrite out of countenance, and he dares not stand up for his God and Saviour. And remember also that your faith must be always kept awake and lively. See to it that your hope be not only well-established, but you must preserve your evi- dences for heaven ever clear, that ye may look upon Yourselves as the care and charge of Christ, and under the special eye and protection of God your Saviour. This was the divine foundation on which the great apos- tle raised his courage in the gospel to so high a degree. I am neither afraid to suffer these things, says he, that is, bonds and imprisonments; nor am I ashamed of this gospel, for I know whom I have believed, I know him .as my Saviour, and I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed to him against the day of his appearance," 2 Tina, i. 12. If yolk would raise your spirits to a sublime pitch of holy .fortitude, brighten your faith and hope daily, by a frequent examination of the frame of your hearts, by watchful walking before God, by committing your souls afresh into the hands of Jesus and his Spirit, for pardon- ing and renewing grace, that you may believe on just and solid grounds, that you are the children of God, and that c4