Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

56 HOLY FORTITUDE, [SEAM. XXXII. But above all, I fix my eye upon Jesus, the.divine au- thor of this religion,. " the aúthor and finisher of my faith, lieb. xii. 2. I would learn of the, " Captain of my salvation, who was made perfect through sufferings," Hcb. ii. 10. I would learn of my divine teacher, to en- dure hardships like a gyod soldier of Christ, while I fight under his banner, against those very enemies that he hath subdued. Consider, my soul, what thou art: What is thy cha- racter and protéssión : If thou art a christian indeed, thou hast taken up arms against sin and Satan, and a world that is in rebellion'against God: And shall the frown of a man make thee drop thy weapons, and discourage thee from the glorious service? Thou, hast many rich encouragements to expect divine assistance: -Many joyful assurances -of victory are given to them that endure in the dayof conflict, and a glorious crown stands ready for those that overcome. O may the crown of glory sparkle in my eye, and grow brighter and larger by a nearer view, and a perpetual contemplation of it ! Make me forgetful of ease, and health, O my God, and of all my mortal interests, while I press for- ward with sacred courage to lay hold on this crown ! Blessed Saviour, make me triumph over every difficulty, till death, thé last of all my enemies, be subdued and I have obtained the glorious prize. I would shake myself out of my fears, and awaken my zeal by such motives as these. And O that I could trea- sure up in -my memory the various remedies of which I have heard this day, to heal this .infirmity of my nature, and to overcome these foolishand sinful terrors of spirit! I will reviewmy faith, and the grounds of my hope, that I may know that I am a christian indeed, that I am one of the sheep of Christ, and under his divine care ; and I would watch against every temptation, lest I contract a new guilt, and defilement, and thereby darken my evi- dences and awaken my fears. I would survey With. pleasure the gracious words of promise, which are scattered up and down in the book of God. O maythe blessed Spirit print many of them uponmy heart, that they may be always present with me, and that I may :final them within my reach, and ready at hand as a special cordial in every fainting hour ! I would;