Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.2

SERM. XXXII. OR $EMÉDIES AGAINST FEAR. 37 run to them as my sure refuge in every season of' danger and conflict, and'be animated to confront a sinful world. Give me, O my God, give me the spirit of prayer; and let me keep ever near to the throne of grace, that my soul may not come thither as a stranger, but that in every surprize I may address theeas a God 'near at hand, and that in the name of my great High-priest, Jesus the Son of God, I may find grace ready to help me in the time Of need. Wean me, O Lord, 'from, all the delights and hopes of flesh and sense ! Mortify me to all the honours and the joys of a perishing life, and a vain world. Armmysoul all over with'a religious hardiness, that I may venture in- to the field of battle, and may scarce feel the wounds which I receive in thy cause. Give me the happy skill of diverting my fears, when I cannot at once subdue them, 'and lead me into proper employments of my heart and hand for this purpose. I would live as under the eye of God. I would take notice of his hand in all the affairs of life, and all the dangers that attend me. I would learn of Moses to en- dure the fight of afflictions, as seeing him who is invisi- ble. Let me hear thy. voice, O Jesus, my Saviour, let nie hear thy voice walking upon the waters; when I aril tossed about upon the waves' of distress and difficulty; speak to my soul, and say, It is. I, be not afraid." Surely I have had some experience of the Divine Pre- sence with me in the midst of dangers : God has some- tiines disappointed all my fears, and interposed his shield of power and love for my defence : Why should not I trust a faithful God, and that infinite goodness which I have alreadytasted of? I charge my conscience with the authorityof thy word. O Lord, when thou forbiddest all my sinful fears, I would renounce them too, I would 'struggle to break these painful fetters, and fight against this inward slavery of the soul, these domestic tyrants. O that the spirit of power were always with me, to dispel the spirit of bon- dage. I would be bravely prepared for the worst ofsuffer- ings, to which my circumstances in this life may expose nie. I would be. ready to meet contempt and scandal, poverty, sickness, and death itself. Jesus can support b3