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126 Vie 1nf itution and G"cvernment tier that this is all that Pride is grod for, to breed Quar- rels and Debates. But faith he, fwith the ueli adru f d is ¡'fdom. So that proud Perfons al-e not the only Men of Wlfdom in the World, whatever they may think of them - felves; therefore we had need be careful that we be not wife in our own Conceit: Pcov. xxvi. 12. S'eefi thou'a Man 'wife in his eaun Conceit P There is more hope of a Fool than of him. Such a one thinks mach to be oppolhd, and fcerns to be reproved. c. We lhould endeavour to live a mortified Life, not only to keep down Pride and Pafiion, but to fubdue and keep under every Corruption: Keep up and maintain a Spiritual Warfare within, and that will be a Means to pre- vent a carnal Warfare without. James iv. 1. From 'whence come Wars and Fighting: among you? Are they not from hence, even fromyour Lulls that war in your Members 19 W hence came thole Divilìons that were among the Corinthians, but from the Carnality of their Spirits r' i Cor. iii. 3. Ye are yet carnal; for 'whereas there are among you Envying!, Strifes and Divifions, are ye not carnal? And fo he goes on to charge them with their Carnality, as being the caufe, that one was of Paul, another of Apolios. Men dif- fer about Matters of Religion, but many Times their own Irreligion bath the greateft hand in their Differences. 6. We lhould endeavour to keep up Love one towards another, and walk in Love if we would walk in Peace; Eph. iv. z. Forbearing one another in Love, endea2ouring to keep the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace. There are fuch excellent Properties in Love, that it would contri- bute much to Peace. i Cor. xiii. You have the Proper- ties ofCharity, whichis Love; It fufèreth long, and is kind. 'I his one Property put forth, would contribute much to Peace; but where this is wanting, Perfons will Puffer nothing for Peace fake. Charity envieth not, is not puled up, feeketh not its cwn, is not eafily provoked, beareth all Things, endureth all Things, &c. This would prevent Heats a- mong Brethren, could they walk in Love, in Charity one towards another. Charity doth not fwell and puff up a Man like a Bladder; but keeps him meek and lowly, and would in a great Meafure prevent the doing of Things through voisemmellall