BV597 W547 v1

32 The Infiitution and Government by their Gifts, not by any Office -power that one bath over another. There is no fuch Names of Diftinc'tion given to Elders of particular Churches, as there are given among Men, as LordBifhop, Archbifhop, Superintendant, Primate, &c. we never read the Title of Reverend Father in God in Scripture, there are no fuch Titles given to the Miniflers of Chrift. Secondly, It appears in that they alI aét by one and the fame Commiffion, Mat. xxviii. 19, 20. There is no other Commiffion to a& by, nor is there any Claufe in this that gives one more Power than another. All are equally com- miflioned by Chrift. 'Thirdly, It appears in that Chrift did always reprove thofe that did contend for it, particularly Mark x. 42, 43. You know that they who are accounted to have R ule among the Gentiles exercife Lordthip over them, and their great ones exercife Authority amongft them; but it (hall not be fo amongft you, but he that would be great among you, /hall be your Minitier. (3.) It appears that Churches are independent, in that there are no Rules laid down in the Word, how fuperior Churches ought to as towards thofe that are inferior. There are Rules given, by which each particular Church may aft towards their own Members, and deal with them in Cafe of Offence; but no Rules given how one Church may deal with another, in Cafe there are Mifcarriages found among them : nor is there any Charge given in Scripture to one Church to reform another; but each Church where Mifcarriages have been found, are charged to reform themfelves. (4.) It appears in that no one Church was ever blamed for the Mifcarriages of another, but each particular Church is blamed for their own Mifcarriages. There were five of the (even Churches of /Ilia blamed for their own Mifcar- riages that were found among them ; but each of thofe that fell under blame, were charged with thofe Mifcarriages that were found among themfelves, not with others. I fuppofe that neither of thofe that were blamed had fu- perior Power over others, becaufe there was nothing laid to their Charge, but what was found among themfelves; nor