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of a v f ble Church of Chr . 4 power had Paul and Barnabas antecedent thereunto. The Text faith there were in the Church that was at Antioch certain Prophets and Teachers. Barnabas is the firfl that is mentioned, and Saul the 'aft, but both mentioned to be of the Number of thefe Prophets and Teachers. 2. Paul declares, Gal. i. t. That he was an Apofle of ]efus Chrifl, not of Man nor by Man; not of Man as hu- man, not by Man as the medium, he was immediately fent by Chrill: And having flayed at Antioch as long as was the Pleafure of God they fhould, their Minillry being iti- nerant, they were folemnly difmifed from thence to go about their Work elfewhere, according to the Appointment of the Spirit. And that was all that was done at this Time; no Office -power conferred upon them, only recommended to the Grace of God for the Work which they fulfilled, did! xiv. z6. They failed from Antioch, from whence they had been recommended to the Grace of God for the Work which they fulfilled. Paul was an Apoflle before ever he came to Antioch. O!jeâ. 5. But Timothy was ordained by Tmpofition of Hands, and Paul was one of them that laid Hands on him, t Tim. iv. 14. Neglect not the Gift that is in thee, which was given thee by Proph fy, with the laying on of the Hands of the Prefbytery. I anfwer, t. This Text fpeaks not a Word of Timothy's Ordination ; nor is there any fuch Thing Intended in the Text. Here is a Gift in him that he is called upon not to negle& : but a Gift in a Man, and an Office conferred upotr a Man, are two Things. It would be fomewhat coarfe to read it thus, neglect not the Office that is in thee. 2. This was force extraordinary Gift, that was particu- larly prophefied of, that !Timothy fhould receive by the lay- ing on of Hands, before it was given unto him It was given him by Prophefy, before it was bellowed on him by laying on of Hands.' Oljed. 6. But force may fay, that Timothy did ordain others by Impofition of Hands, therefore he is bid to lay Hands fuddenly on no Man, t Tim. v. 22. I anfwer, There is no more Evidence in this Text of Ord dilation by Impofition of Hands, than there is in the for- D 3 mere.