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of a vifible Church of Chrjg. 49 the Greek, is granted by thofe that have fearched the great Libraries where thofe Copies are. z. If it be neceffary for Miniffers to underflánd the Hebrew and the Greek, to be able to fay, Thus faith theLord, is it not then as neceílary for the People too, to underftand. the Hebrew and the Greek, before they can receive any thing as the Word of the Lord ? Their Faith mutt not be refolved into a human Teflimony : t Meg; ii. 13. W henyou received the Word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the Word of Men, but (as it is in Truth) the Word of God. Again, The Hearers muff not take any thing upon truff from the Mouth of the Teacher, they muff fearch the Scriptures to fee whether it be fo or no. Paul commends the Bereans for their Nobility of Spirit, in that they daily fèarched the Scriptures, to fee whether thofe things were fo or no, flus xvii. H. Now thofe Greeks at Berea had not the Original to fearch, they could have but the Septuagint Translation. 3. Either the Scripture is, for the Subftance thereof ; rightly translated, or it is not. If it be, then there is Light in the Tranflation to thew us whole Word it is, as well as in the Hebrew and the Greek. If it be not rightly tranflat- ed, then I would enquire, (t.) Why it is not mended by thofe that underftand it, and that fee the Errors that are in the Tranflation ? Why do you leave the People in the dark ? (z.) I would enquire, Why Miniflers that under - fiand the Hebrew and the Greek, for the moll Part have Recourfe to the Tranflation to prove what they afl'crt, if the Tranflation be not right? 4. If there be a Defeft in one Tranflation, it is mended in another, or in the Margin in many Places : So that through Mercy we have it for the Subflance thereof, and they that have molt to obje& in this Cafe cannot deny it. 5. The Scripture carries Self-Evidence along with it, whole Word it is. The Harmony and the Authority thereof is fuch, as that it differs from all human Writings whatfoever. But here take notice, I do not oppofe the Learning of the Tongues, neither the Greek nor Hebrew, but only thew my Reafons, why it may not be looked on as