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of a vifible Church of Chriß: 83 Compafs. This is life eternal, to know thee to be the only true God, and,efus Chrilt whom thou haft Pent. Here indeed is much comprizeJ, as I have likewife (hewed already. But it is pofiible that there may be fome particular Principles held by fome Churches, that a Perlon can fee no ground for in the Word. For inftance, fome are of Opinion that it is the Duty of all baptized Believers to come under Im- pofition of Hands, and this is made one bound of Com- munion, and other Things that I could name; and no Com- munion to be had without fubmitting thereunto. Whe- ther fuch Things are Duties or not, I !hall not now deter- mine. Yet I think they are a clog to the Confcience when they are made the Terms of Communion; and Confcience may be tried with it two Ways. (i.) A Perlon may think it aDuty in itfelf, to come un- der Impofition of Hands, but not fuch as that the want of Light in it fhould block up the Way of all others; there- fore though he could fubmit to it himfelf, yet he cannot do it under this Confideration. (z.) There are others that are of the Judgment that it is no Duty, nor ever was to be performed to fuch an End as to form a Perlon a Member of a Church ; no nor yet that it was or is a Duty for every baptized Believer, to come under Impofition of Hands to any End what - foever, nor can he in Confcience fubmit to it : Tell me then whether fuch an Impofition does not bar the Door of the SanEtuary too clofe,IIdo not find fuch Impofitions as thefe put into thofe Corfèfiions of Faith, that Rand on Record in the Word, nor any Thing but what is comprized in the Fundamentals of Religion. All the-Confei on that Peter made, Matt. xvi. 16. Was, Thou art Chrilt the Son of the living God; which Confe2 ion Chrilt commends, and tells him, that Flef and Blood had not revealed this to him, hut his Farber who was in .Heaven ; and further decl ires, Upon this Rock will I build my Church, not on Peter, nor on Peter's Faith, but on Chrilt fo confea, who was the Ob- jea of Peter's Faith. Here are but a few Words, but here is much comprized in them, here is Chrilt coufeft in both his Nateres, and the Union thereof, thou who art the Son of Man art the Son of God; he is here confeft in his Offices