Wright - BT300 W8 1788

loo The NEW and COMPLETE. LIFE of our BLESSED it's fruits? And is not the increafe of thofe fruits as great a miracle, and as manifefi an exertion of divine power, as the increafe of the bread by the bleífingof our great Redeemer. If we had hearts to confider the works of God with attention and care, we fhould perceive the manifefi exer- tions of his power, in the fecret opera- tions of nature, and as clear proofs of his divinity in her regular produélions, as in the molt extraordinary and miracu- lous events. The marks of divine power are equally feen in the wine, which arifes from the moifture of the earth, through the tubes of vegetation, and is received from the branches of the vine, as in that infiantaneoufly made from water at the marriage at Cana. Nor ought they lefs to be regarded in the corn, gradually ri- pened, and made into bread for the fup- port of all mankind, than in the bread miraculoufly bleffed to the fupport of the multitude in the wildernefs ; but we are very prone to overlook the common operations of creative Wifdom and Power, without confidering, that, if we are unaf- feaed with the divine munificence and bounty, fo manifeftly and richly difplayed in the works of nature and Providence, there is much reafon to conclude; that outward miracles would not awaken us to a fence of our duty, nor of eaual!y mend our hearts we are, however, very apt to deceive ourfelves in this particular, and often led to conclude, that had we been prefent at fo flupendous a miracle, as that we are now confidering, we fhould have adored the divine hand that wrought it, and never have forfaken the Lord of life. But, alas ! ifall the difplayof divine wifdom and goodnefs in the works of creation ; if all the evidences of the omni- potence of the Son of God, in the con- fiant fupplies which he provides for his numerous creatures.; if the confiant mani- fellations of his goodnefs to ourfelves, in providing for us, and feeding us the whole courte of our lives, will not elevate our hearts, and raife them to himfelf in grati- tude and joy, there is the higheft reafon to conclude, that, had we feen the bleffed Jesus feed ten thoufand men, women, and children, with five loaves and two fi{hes ; yea, hl*d we been partakers our- felves of this miraculous repaft we fhould have been like many, who really enjoyed thefe privileges, yet, afterwards took offence at force of his words, which they called hard fayings, and walked no more with him, (59(45-7Eiteg.,3+ ttrfgt*WrSittrti KAM5.94,1 ,Veg- - C H A P T E ît