Wright - BT300 W8 1788

Graphic: The Elegant Frontispiece 6
Title Page: The New and Complete Life of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: The Great Example as well as Saviour of Mankind 7
Map: Ancient Israel - The Holy Land 12
The New and Complete Life of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 13
Engraved Illustrations 23
Graphic Zacharias 23
Graphic: Mary and Elizabeth 25
Graphic: Wise Men of the East and child Jesus 33
Graphic: Jesus with Angel and Mary in Egypt 37
Graphic: Cruelties of Herod 39
Graphic: Roman Centurion 76
Graphic: Woman Touching Hem of Garment 89
Graphic: Miracle of Feeding Multitudes 136
Graphic: Woman taken in Adultery before Scribes and Pharisees 148
Graphic: Christ Preaching in Judea 186
Graphic: Prodigal Son 195
Graphic: Lazarus the Beggar 199
Graphic: Lazarus raised 209
Graphic: Christ riding into Jerusalem 223
Graphic: Christ overturning Tables in Temple 231
Graphic: Christ with the Pharisees concerning the Tribute Money 239
Graphic: Christ teaching Disciples Humility 266
Graphic: Judas and Thirty pieces of Silver 299
Graphic: Herod examining Jesus 305
Graphic: Pontius Pilate 308
Graphic: Roman Soldiers Scourging 311
Graphic: Jesus crowned with Thorns 313
Graphic: Christ after his Resurrection 332
Graphic: Decent of the Holy Ghost 343
Graphic: Our Divine Redeemer 345
Graphic: 4 Apostles - 1 362
Graphic: 4 Apostles - 2 379
Graphic: Saul, restoring sight 383
Graphic: Peter denying 432
Graphic: Peter's commision 436
Graphic: Angel 445
Graphic: Peter's repentance 449
Graphic: 4 Apostles - 3 457
Graphic: 4 Apostles - 4 469
A Complete General View of the Apostles and their Successors 492
Index of the Elegant Copper-Plates of the Life of Christ and his Apostles 506
A List of Subscribers to this work 507