Wright - BT300 W8 1788

LORD and SAVIOUR, ,7ESUS CHRIST. 123 parent (poke thefe words, canted the crowd to gather about him ; when Jeffs rebuked thefoul fpirit; and faid unto him, Thou dumb and deaf fpirit, I charge thee come out of him, and enter no more into hint. The awful voice, at which all the devils tremble, had no fooner pronounced thefe words, than the devil, with an hideous howling, and convulfing the tormented youth in the molt frightful manner, came out ; leaving the youth, in a manner, fenfe- lefs and motionlefs, as one dead. Our Lord then, taking him by the hand, re- flored him to life, and delivered him per- ferly recovered, both in body and mind, to his father. The nine difciples, who had unfuccefs- fully attempted to drive, out this obítinate dæmon, remained molt attentively filent during this tranfafion : doubtlefs they were glad to find, that this dreadful and powerful devil, was not an over-match for their Mafter,'however, they were mortified to find, that he was too hard for them. They were very defirous to know the rea- fon, why they could not difpoffefs this dw- mon, as they had done others, but did not chufe to afk their Mailer in the hearingof the multitude; but when he had retired, they afked him, why they failed in their attempt to reftore the poffeffed young man? Our Lord informed them, it was becaufe of their unbelief, For, faid he, ifye have faith as a grain of muftard-feed, ye Jhall fayunto this mountain, Remove hence toyon- derplace, and it(hall remove ; and nothing (hall be impojible toyou. Our Lord then retired to the unfre- quented parts of Galilee ; and in this foli- lary retreat, he again inftrufled his dif- ciples in the nature of his kiggdom, and the defign of his coming into the world ; laying before them a view of his fufferings, death, and fpeedy refurreEtion. There, doubtlefs, was a neceíTity of inculcating thefe difagreeable and unpopular truths frequently on their minds ; for, though they mull remember how Iharply Peter was reproved for oppofing the declaration of thefe events, yet Our Lord's predictions concerning this matter, were very [lowly received ; and the national prejudices which the difciples had fo ftrongly imbibed, which reprefented the grandeur, glory,, and perpetuity of the Meffiah's temporal king- dom, would not permit them to believe it poífible that he Ihould die. After having abode a fhort time in the defert part of Galilee, our Lord returned to Capernaum, the place of his general abode. Soon after his arrival at that city, the tax -gatherers applied to Peter, inqui- ring if his Mailer would pay the tribute: Peter promifed them that his Mailer would fatisfy. their demand ; but, on fur- ther confideration, was afraid to mention the thing to him : perhaps he thought it derogatory to the dignity of fo great a perfon to pay tribute to any potentate on earth. But, however cautious Peter might be of mentioning the affair, it was no 'fe- rret to, his Mailer, which our Lord foon apprifed him of, by propofing the follow- ing queftion : What thinko thou, Simon? Of whom do the kings of the earth take cufions or tribute? of their 'own children, or orangers? Peter faith unto hint, Of JIrangers. Jeefusfaith unto him, Then are the childrenfree. Peler, by this queflion, was fully fatisfied, that our Lord knew his thoughts, and had fully penetrated the affair which was in agitation ; he was alfo . convinced, that, as the Son of God, and Heir of all things, he was under no obli- gation to pay tribute to. the greatefl mo- narch on earth : but our Lord, to avoid giving offence, condefcended to fubmit to the claim ; and propofed to Peter the fol- lowing miraculous method of raifing the money : Go thou to thefea, faid he, and call an hook, and take up the ofh that faro corneal up; and when thou haft opened his mouth, thouoialtfind'a piece of money ; that take, and give, it unto them for me and thee. Our Lord, by this miraculous manner of paying that tribute, which he was under, no obligation to pay, teaches us, that in' all