Wright - BT300 W8 1788

034 The NEW and COMPLETE LIFE of our BLESSED punilhment on her, they would, doubtlefs, have reprefented him as a perfon who contradifed the law, and favoured adul- tery, which would certainly have rendered him odious in the eyes of the people. On the other hand, had he ordered her to be Boned, it would have afforded an oppor- tunity of accufing him to the Roman go- vernor, as a perfon who furred up the people to rebellion; the Romans having, at that time, taken the power of life and death out of the hands of the Jews. But JESUS well knew their wicked intentions, and therefore made them no anfwer, but floopied down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. They, not fatisfied, fill continued preffing him to give an anfwer ; when at laß, JESUS, in allufion to the law, which or- dered that the hands of the witneffes, by whofe tefimony a criminal was convifaed, fhoúld firf be upon him, faid, He that is without fin among you, let him firft call a fione at her. Our Lord well knew the hearts, and the fecret crimes of thefe fu- rious accufers, and he delivered thefe words in fuch a manner, as convinced every perfon prefent, that he was ac- quainted with their fecret lewdnefs and debauchery. This fudden, rebuke had fuch an effeff on them, that they could not reply, but immediately departed, no doubt, fearing if they had (laid, JESUS would have expofed their moll fecret tranfaaions, and abominablecrimes : they, therefore, durf not proceed in their accu- fation, but, being convilZed by their own confciences, went out one by one, begin- ning at the eldejl, even unto the laft and Jefus was left alone, and the woman, who had beenftanding in the mid/t. JESUS had been, all the while the Jews were re- tiring, (looping down and writing on the ground, as though he did not perceive what they were about: but now riling up, and looking upon the woman, who food alone, he afked her, if (he had been con- demned? To which the anfwered in the negative. Our Lord faw her covered with (name, and knowing her repentance was fincere, he looked upon her with an eye of pity and forgivenefs, and difmiffed her with thefe gracious words, Neither do I condemn thee ; go, andfin no more. 5tC Yaçcc7ttt 72dk X 72dk *4 X 4* x * 4-* C H A P T E R