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THE NEW AND COMPLETE L I F E OF OUR BLESSED LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST That Great EXAMPLE, as well as SAVIOUR of Mankind. C O N T A I N I N G A MORE COMPLETE, AUTHENTIC, and FULL ACCOUNT (freed from POPISFI Superflition, and other Errors) than was ever before publifhed, of all the Real FaEts relating to the EXEMPLARY LIFE, MERITORIOUS SUFFERINGS, and DEATH of our Glorious REDEEMER; Who Was CRUCIFIED for our SINS, ROSE AGAIN for our JUSTIFICATION, an4,now fitteth at the RIGHT-HAND Of GODmaking INTERCESSION for Us. PARTICULARLY. H I S GENEALOGY, NATIVITY, PRESERVATION, CIRCUMCISION, BAPTISM, EARLY TRANSAC- TIONS, FASTING,MINISTRY, TEMPTATION, DOCTRINES, CALLING and APPOINTMENT of the APOSTLES, MIRACLES, PARABLES, TRAVELS, HUMILITY, PATIENCE, SUFFERINGS, TRANSFIGURATION, PASSION, INSTITUTION of the SACRAMENT, CRUCIFIXION, BURIAL, RESURRECTION, APPEARANCE, and ASCENSION, &C. TO WHICH ARE ADDED, An Authentic HISTORY of theLIVES, TRANSACTIONS, SUFFERINGS, and DEATHS, of HIS HOLY APOSTLES, EVANGELISTS, DISCIPLES, And other Eminent PERSONS and Primitive MARTYRS, who fr1Ì propagated theCHRISTIAN RELIGION, and to cruel Perfecutors laiddown their Lives in the Glorious Caufe of JESUS CHRIST. I N C L U D I N G An ufeful and interefting ACCOUNT of the LIFE of the MESSIAH's great FORERUNNER JOHN the BAPTIST; andalfo the LIFE of the VIRGIN MARY: T O G E T H E R W I T H Some ACCOUNT of the SUCCESSORS of the APOSTLES, for Three Hundred Years after the Crucifixion, in the Five great APOSTICAL CHURCHES. COMPREHENDING, The whole CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE, the Evidences upon which it is founded, and the Manner of it's Ekablilhment in different Parts of the World.Together with a COMPLETE DEFENCE of CHRISTIANITY, containing Plain and Sositfafhory ANSWERS to all the OBJECTIONS made againit our HOLY RELIGION by JEWS, ATHEISTS, DEISTS, INFIDELS, and FREETHINKERS of the prefent Age, who are a Difgrace to Human Nature, and strive to level Mankind'--- with the Brute Creation. The whole interfperfed with PRACTICAL IMPROVEMENTS, and USEFUL REMARKS, Familiarly adapted to every Capacity, and defigned to promote, in every Chriftian, the neceffary PRACTICE of FAITH and REPENTANCE, as the only appointed Means whereby GOD can be reconciled with MAN. This WORK being the Refult along Study and Experience, and not a hilly Performance, has been colleaed and regularly digefed, not only from the EVANGELISTS, EPISTLES, &e. but alfo from JOSEPHUS, the molt judicious ECCLESIAS- TICALHISTORIANS, and other BOOKS aS well as MANUSCRIPTS (ancient and modern) of UNDOUBTED AUTHORITY. It will therefore comprize a great VARIETY of the molt important, valuable, and curious MATTER relating to the LIFE of our BLESSED SAVIOUR, &r. not to be found in any other Work whatever. By PAUL WRIGHT, D.D. F.S.A. Vicar ofOAKLEY, and Re&Or Of SNOREHAM, inEssEx, late ofPEMBROKE-HALL, CAMBRIDGE I AndAUTHOR of the COMPLETE BRITISH FAMILY BIBLE, an entire Newand Original Work, univerfally approvedof in every Refpeft, by all who have fees the Beginning Numbers already publilhed. CHRIST SUFFERED for us, leaving US an EXAMPLE that we fhould FOLLOWhis STEPS. 1 PETER ii. al. I AM the WAY, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE. CHRIST fpeaking to his Difciples, JOHN xiv. 6. EMBELLISHED with the MOST ELEGANT, VALUABLE,,antl NUMEROUSSet of COPPER -PLATE PRINTS everpublifhed in a Work of this Kittd; finely engraved from the original Drawings of Mr. HAMILTON, Mr. WEST, SAMUEL WALE, Efq; &c. by thofe ingenious andcelebrated Artifls, Meffrs. POLLARD, RENNOLDSON, TAYLOR, THORNTON, SMITH, PAGE, and others, L O N D O N: PRINTED FOR ALEX. HOGG, N° 16, PATERNOSTER-ROW.