Wright - BT300 W8 1788

Go» The NEW and COMPLETE' LIFE of our BLESSED .t departed from the defert, and preached in the fynagogues of Galilee; and after he had proceeded through various cities of that country, he returned to Caper - naum. When our great Redeemer was known to be returned to the city, he was foon furrounded by great multitudes ofpeople ; fo that he was forced to retire into a fhip, which being a little way from the fhore, the divine Inftruélor taught them from thence, while the attentive multitude crowded the fea-fide, and liftened with great attention to his heavenly words, When he had finifhed his difcourfe, he turned to Peter, who was the owner of the veal, and advifed him to launch out further from the fhore, and let down his fifhing -net into the. fea. Peter informed him of their unfuccefsful toil during the night, but faid, at his command, they would let down their net andmake one trial more, Accordingly, they call into the water, and immediately found that their net had en- ciofed fo prodigious a number of large filh, that it was in danger of breaking. Peter, furprifed at fo Itrange a turn, and fuch unexpeaed fuccefs, and knowing it mull be produced by afupernatural power, fell down at Jesus's feet, Depart from me, faid he, forÌam a füful osan, 0 Lord! He was convinced, by this miracle, of the di- vinity of his Mailer, and,was at that time impreffed with awe from a fenfe of his own unworthinefs : but the all-graciousSaviour of mankind bid him banifh his fears, and informed him, that henceforth himfelf and his companions fhould be engaged inmore noble employments. Our Lord declared that they fhould. 'catch men, meaning, that they fhould be made infirumental in turning them from darknees to light, and from fin and Satan to the knowledge ofGod. This miracle was confidered, by the difciples of CHRIST, as a fuller and plainer manifeflation of his divine power, and a clearer evidence of his being the Son of God, than thofe they had feen him perform in Capernaum and the adjacent country. It'was the common opinion amongft theJews, that good men, by their prayers, might prevail fo far with the almighty Governor of the world, as to heal the fick and call out devils; but they concluded that the creatures inhabiting the elements of the air or water, were fubjeEl only to the com- mands of our great Creator: and as he never granted to man an authority over thefe, the miracle which our Saviour had juft wrought, proved him to be the Son of God, and the great Meffiah; and accord- ingly this manifeftation of divine power fully convinced the difciples of the 'divinity of their Mailer, and all they, without hefitation, joined in the refolution to fol- low him through the world.