Wright - BT300 W8 1788

LORD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST. 69 In the midít of the furprife occafioned by this miracle, a meffenger approached from Jarius's houle, and informed him that his daughter was dead, fo that he need not give our Lord the trouble to come any further; for they fuppofed it far beyond the power of this extraordinary perfon to overcome themighty conqueror, Death, or recall the fleeeting fpirit from the eternal world. This meffage was received by the affeétionate parent with the firongeft emotions of forrow, and bittereff agonies of difirefs. Our Lord took compaf ion on him, and defired him to be comforted with hopes that his daughter fhould be reflored. When our great Redeemer came to the ruler's house, he found it full of mourners, who made great lamentation, and were preparing for the funeral. Our Lord commanded them to ceafe their prepara- tions ; for, Paid he, the maid is not dead but fleefieth : and they laughed him to fcorn. Thefe words of CHRIST were ufed with peculiar propriety, to denote that it was determined the virgin fhould not continue in the cold embraces of death, but fhould inffantly be reflored to her friends as one awakened out of fleep; and having thus fpoken, our Lord approached the apart - ment of the dead, taking withhim none but Peter, James, and John, except the father and mother of the maiden : then lay- ing hold of the cold hand of the dead virgin, he Paid with a gentle voice, Maid, arife I The heavenly voice was immedi- ately obeyed, and the damfel arofe, frefh as from a found fleep, all healthful and vigorous ; and Jesus commanded to give her fomething to eat. Thus the great Son of God gave a full and clear manifeflation of his heavenly power; and not only proved that lie was the true Mefliah, but gave a clear demon- firationofthe poílibilityof the refurreaion of the dead : and thofe who have imbibed the abfurd opinion of the foul's fleeping with No, 6. the body till the refurreaion, would do well to confider the expreflion of the evangelic, Her fpirit came again, Luké viii. 55 ; by which it appears, that the foul exifts in a flate of reparation, when the body lies all cold and breathlefs in the dark chambers of the grave: Having performed this great and bend= volent miracle, our bleffed Saviour leftthe ruler's houle ; and going through the fireets of the city, he was followed by two blind men ; they had, doubtlefs, heard of the great miracle which he had juff performed; and fupplicated hisaffiflance in their prefent deplorable circumfiances, well knòwing that he was able to reflore them to fight. The benevolent Saviour of finners con- defcended to favour their requeft ; and having entered an houle to efcape the crowding of the multitude, he touched their eyes, and faid, According to your faith be it unto you,' when immediately the great and defirable bleffing of fight was reflored unto them ; the facred beams of all- cheering day revifited their eyes, and filled their hearts with gladnefs, and their tongues with praife ; and fuch a flood of gratitude and joy overflowed their hearts, that they could not conceal theirmiraculous reftoration to fight, though Our Lord re- quired them to keep filence, but publifhed our Redeemer's fame and their own happy condition through every part of the country. The men who had thus miraculoufly received their fight being departed, the multitude brought to the benevolent Savi- our offinners a dumb man, poffefl'edwith a devil. So affecting a cafe attrated the compaffionate regard of the bleffed Jesus; who immediately call out the foul fpirit. The dumb man inflantly recovered the ufe of fpeech, and fpake in fo fenfible and fatisfafory a manner; that the whole multitude was amazed, and, with united voice, declared that fuch wonderous works were never wrought by the greateft and S molt