Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

6z Of Repentance. SE R M. him that was pierced for our fins, and not III. mourn and be in bitternefs. "--v- -*+ It is likewife very natural for men con- vinced, and fenfibly affeted with the re- membrance of their tranfgreffions, to confefs them to God whom they have offended. Nature diaates a way of expreffing our for - rows, and reafon tells us that forrow for in- juries done, íhould he uttered in acknow- ledgments to the perfon injured. We are very ready to expea and demand it when wrong is done us, and can we queftion the equity of paying it when our hearts tells us we have done wrong ; efpecially, this ho- mage is due to the fupreme being, when we have affronted and provoked him by violating his righteous laws. The cònfefl'ion of fin is a reproaching ourfelves in the bitternefs of our fpirits, as polluted by the moil naufeous and loathfome thing, which we can no longer bear. It is, as the fcripture fpeaks, taking to ourfelves 'ham, and confujion of face, and juftifying God whom our tranf- greffions difhonoured, making a folemn ac- knowledgment of the reafonablenefs of his laws, and the righteoufnefs of the fentence which he has pronounced againft the evil deeds of men. At the fame time, it gives glory to his mercy and the truth of his pro - mife,