Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. xix " many a danger I was expofed to, particu- larly that of being impofed upon by a " warm imagination, laying too great ftrefs " upon what I accounted divine impreffions, " upon fervours and raptures in religion : " c This, I believe, fome young and unex- " perienced chriftians are apt to fall into ; " but true chriftianity confiffs in love to God, and charity to men, which is the " bond of perfèc`ln fr : It confifts in doing " juftly, and loving mercy ; in meeknefs " patience, and contentment. O ! my foul! " endeavour to grow in thefe virtues, that " is the fure way of pleafing God ; and it is effentially neceffary to real religion, that " a defign of pleafing God, be conflandy " and uniformly purfued; whenever that is " negle&ed, fincerity is loft. But I apply " myfelf to thefe exercifes, firft, becaufe " they are a noble employment of the mind, " moft worthy of its rational powers, tend - ing to their higheft perfedfion, and af- fording moft folid joy : Secondly, in fo- " lemn tranfalions with God, I may hope " for fuch a confirmation in virtuous fenti- ments and difpofitions ; and fuch advan- tages over worldly lufts, as may be of " great ufe to me in future life ; and this b 2 " hope