Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

XX The PREFACE. C[ hope is juftified by experience. Thirdly, " I would lay ftrikter obligations upon my- " felf to greater watchfulnefs and caution " againft the fprings of error, and perplexi- " ty, and guilt, into which I have been " formerly milled, and my life rendered un- " comfortable." To all which it may be added, that to his converting fo much with himfelf, and thefe extraordinary labours in the clofet, were, no doubt, in a great meafure owing, not only the uncommon goodnefs of his fpi- rit, and the exalt regularity and ufefulnefs of his life ; but that intimate acquaintance with the human heart, and thofe amazing ftrains of reafoning, which appear in his fermons, which could be the effec`.t of no- thing but the clofet, application to thinking, and the moft careful attention to his own mind. BESIDES all this, he gives an account, in his diary, of feveral alterations of opi- nion in religious matters, and has been very particular in the reafons of them ; and upon what principles he embraced fotne opinions, contrary to what he had formerly received; and