Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

The PREFACE. xxi and in feveral places fets down his reafon- ings upon the importance of various articles of faith, as they affect the chriftian life. One of thefe paffages concludes thus: My mind has been often difturbed about " fotne particular points of orthodoxy ; but I " am perfuaded, with that meafure of know- ledge God has given me (little, when compared with the attainments of others) " no miftake about the chriflian truth will cc deprive me of acceptance, unlefs, which u I. hope is not my cafe, it arifes from fel- " fifh iregular defires, oppofing the defign " of chriftianity itfelf: And the moft fub- " flantial enjoyment, conformable to the cc (cope of the gofpel, is that fincere fatis- " faction, which refults from a true difpo- fition, to fall in with it univerfally." IT has been already obferved, that his diary contains an account of all the impor- tant events that betel him, with his reflec- tions upon them ; his own refolutions and the principles upon which he founded them. In thefe things he has defcended very mi- nutely, and made many obfervations upon his own fchemes in life, and the many dif- appointments he met with, which tended b 3 to