Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.1

lii The PREFACE. manager in the public debates, and was much' regarded ; for as he was an excellent fpeaker, fo the perfe& candor of his fpirit, which in the whole of his condu ± was fo apparent as to raife him quite above fufpi. cion, made him univerfally beloved : Even the greateft adverfaries to his caufe could not but admire him. He was of no party farther than his regard to truth and virtue made him of it He was a great mailer in natural religion, and in the arguments which fupport the authority of the chriftian religion, to which he did great honour by a conver- fation worthy of it. He was a perfon quite above the fpirit of the world, and feemed to have no folicitude at all about his cir- cumftances in it. No man eafier about him - felf, but the good and benevolent affetions fo reigned in him, that to do good to others was his conftant bufinefs and Rudy. And no one manifefted a greater reverence for his creator, and care to pleafe him in all things. A fixed perfuafion of the perfc t wifdom and goodnefs of God, and that all events are under the direction of his provi- dence, begot fuch an habitual calm and tranquillity in his mind, that he was not to be fl aken even by molt of liding occurrences. He