Abernathy - Houston-Packer Collection BX9178.A33 S4 1748 v.4

Of Chrif ian Liberty. 14.1 freedom of religious profeflions is reftrained ; S E R mr: where, in matters purely of confcience, V. men may not think for themfelves, and pro- fefs what they think. In our cafe indeed the legiflature itfelf hath given a kind of allowance to our nonconformity, by grant- ing an exemption to proteftant diffenters from the penalties of certain laws which formerly were in force againft them, which in the opinion of force eminent patriots completeth the glory of the late happy re- volution, the great cera of Britifh liberty : And as this is a noble inftance of publick refpect paid by the higheft authority among us to the inviolable rights of confcience, in confequence of it, the more confcientious our principles appear to be, the more we have leave to think ourfelves intitled to the publick protection and countenance. For this reafon, I flatter myfelf, it will give no offence thus freely to thew where I think the ftrength of our caufe lieth, and re- prefent the principal argument, taken from the nature, the defign, the exprefs declara- tions of the New Teftament, whereby it is fupported ; the rather, becaufe the main principle we rely on naturally tending to moderation and mutual forbearance amongft chriftians as the foundation of their peace and