Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. VIII. 81 fngular faith in Gods promife, by na- ax:ing her nLife, whomof late he accu- fed to be the infaument of his death: in- formed his children in this grace of God -; who together with their parents profefléd one commune faith andobe- dience, whichallt,they ttftificd by their fervice & facri.fices oottred to the Lord. Thus he his houfe were freed from Satans bondage by the word of trueth, theGofpcl which was taught them, and veremade P Sainets by calling. 4. But Cain who was the firic feede ofthetèrpent , & therefore fayd in fcri- pture to be of that q. Wicked-one , being an hypocrite and without r faith , for which caufe his fwoks alit) were evill: though he were among the . Sain&s, yet was he not t of them,aud therefore con- tinued not with them. Yea though he were V warned of God, he wouldnot be amended; but filmed the malice and en- mitie of his father the Divill , by x kil- ling his righteous brother. Neyther then ;relented he , but added y obftinacie to his bloody aft : wherefore he was turfed of God,t3t fell into -% defperation, F and n Adam upcfx thepromife of Godcalled In voife Evah , that isLife. o p Cor.r, Gen.43r4 9 rtohn ;;to r Heb.1Y,4s Ci Tam 3,tz t 1I07.209 v Ge71.4, 6, 7. xverje 8. y Intre9. ZZ;erre Ij=14