Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

w CHAP. VIII. and condemnation of the Divill. s. The peace and communion ofthe Saiué}s, being by that caytiff thus diflur- bed and broken ; and the deadly watre with the womans feed, by that trump of Satan thus proclamed: God for thegood and prefcrvation ofhis Church , call out aGen 4,14) this (inner from his a pretence on earth, 15,16. as he had done the Angels which fin- bA runnagate fled, from the tame in heauen , ) and he is in Hebrezxe being feparated from the fellow(hip of Cale4' Na the faytifull , dwelt a runnagate in a Caïnmasdri- land of that b name , and another feede Ten into the was c giuen to Eue in head of jutI Abet land of Nod, deceated. And fo the Churchof Christ dr6,1phich took the was pro agated , governed by ten faith- ofhim & his full d Patriarchs fucceílïuely; diftinguifh- wofaU (#ate ed fr6 the feuen c generations ofCain, Therein. as in place and eftate,fo in name; the one c Gen.4,25. d Gen, 5 fort called the children of fGod, theo- e Gen.4,17, then ofmnen. Andwhereas the Cainites tee increafed, as well in wickednes as in £Gtn.6,1>2 multitude: the Lord to keeps his people frommixture with them, gaue warning g Gen. ,z2. by g Henoch the feuenth fromAdam; Jude vtr.14, who prophefed the deílrudionofthem IS' & all ungodly perlons, for their wicked deeds