Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

94 CHAP. VIII. more care and watchfulnes the Sainds were warned to haue, Lail they fhould be circumvented. They were taught therefore touching all the heathens reli- gion , that whatiì ever they facrificed, z CIT. ¡o, they facrificed h to Divils and not to Zo. God; and that Chiiftians might haueno fellowthip with Divils, and confequent- ly, neyther with thofe idolaters which ignorantly worfhiped fuch : but mutt i2Cor.6,17 i comeout fromamong them , feparate themfelues,and touchno unclean thing: k z Cor. to, for they could not bepartakers k both 2r. ofthe Lords table and of the table of 1Mae.6,24 Divils, two fuch contrarie matters t they could by no meanes ferue. And if they joyned with the wicked in their wor- fnip,or haunted their ailèmblies; eueiaas n z Coy. zo in llrael,they that did m Bate ofthe facri- z8. (ices werepartakers of the Altar;where- by they had part & intereíl in the whole worfhp, and the God worfhiped : mien fo had they with Satan , that didcate of his facrifices in his temples ; how ever n z Or. Yo, they might perfwade themfelues other- n=9 .and 8;1, wiiè, becaufe they didknow the idoll 4 n was nothing. Wherfore they were for- bidder#