Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. VIII. >> his own example & perfon, to harewith perfe& hatred that enemie of God and man ; and to knowe, that there can no z 2c".605 concord be, betwixt Z Chrií}and Belial. 18. Satan being thus a like lightning a Lnkeze, x s fallen down from hcauen, and his place b not found there any more , after our b Rcv.i2,s Michael had ove correh:m, c taken do cLuk.ix,2 him all his armour wherein het , and divided his fpoyles : Yrany peoples were more eafily recovered and drawee out of his .fnares ; who were all taught , by the trumpet of the Gofpel to prepare themCelues to battei againit him, to take unto them the a whole armour of God, á E?h.6,13 that they might be able to refill in the evils dayito fight the .good fight offaith, and by it ftedfaftly to refill e that roaring ci ?et.5,$,9 Lion,which walked about, feekingwhó he might. devour : being with this com- forted& allured, that the God ofpeace would treade Satan under their feete fhortly. z 9. But becaufe this adverfariewould f Ron.i5, f transfigure himfelfe into anAngell of 2O light, g and his minillers alfo, as though g z coy. they were minifters.of righteoufnes: the I4,t . more 1