Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

ZI. yRtv,r4,D 1o. It zAti. z6,18 abiat. z8,ig zo. dl,. 2, 14--38. and 835-38:6' 10,36-_4.8. b Ad. 2,40. 6119,8,9.. G Ad. I, 73, 14, 15. and 2,r .and Yz, I2. and 14, zy.. d Heb. 96 CHAP. VIII. goeout ofher that theypartake not in her finnes, & receiue not ofher plagues: for ifYany manworffiip that beati orhis his image , or take his marke ; he íhall drinkeof the wine ofGods wrath, and be tormented in fire and brimflone be. fore the holy Angels and before the Lamb, and the fmoke of their torment fhall afcend evermore. 21. And as by the word of Chrift men were withdrawen from, idolatrie & communion with the wicked,fowere they alto exhorted to drawe neere to the Lord and in faith and loue to cleauc unto him alone: that turning from dark- nes to light, and from z the power of Satan untoGod, they might receiue for- giuenes of fìnnes and inheritance among themwhich at fandified by faith inhim. They were therefore a informed in the rnyfleries of the gofpel, baptifed into the name of the Lord in whom they belee- ved, feparated from others b that fro- wardly refufed,had their c aiiemblies for prayer dodrine& other holy exercifes, which theywere exhorted d to cótinew, taking heed that they were not unequally yoked