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CHAP. VIII. 97 yoked with e infidels of the world; nor commingled with open finners in the chu ch,but to fcaft out the wicked from among them, that they might be joyntly íwecte new lump as they werc:feveral- .Y. 'g unlevelled loauts , and fo to ferue h theLord as they: might pleafehim with reverence & feare, i keeping themfelucs from idols, and k unfpotied of the world. 2z. Thus bath God taught us,that all idolatrie , whither of Paynims'ewes or Chiflians, is the worilip ofDivils: and from it, bath in all ages fince the world began, calledhis eleCL; that they fhúning the iocietie of the Serpent and his feede, night repair to .111 theLamb that fandeth on mount Sion, having his Fathers name writtenon-their foreheads, and follow bim whither foever he ggeth ; might walk in the n light of the heauenly le- rufale n, and there haue fellowfhip with the Lord and one with another; to their prefervation from death,& the glory of God in their eternall life and falvation. c zCcr.6,14 f T Cor. 5)9a Tz,z3. g .vole 7. 14-16.12,28 i zIob. 5, 21 k Iatn, r, 27 m Rcti. 14» I--4. n Rev. 21, 24