Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

,C Eí A P T ER. IX. Ho* farrewe nazsft avoyd communion with ivi,ls, &bowfar with thewickedmen. a Ccn. 3. Fo RAS MUCH "Satanisanopen profeflèd adver(àrie of Godandmen alwayes, and all his endevours tende to theLords di'nonour& our deftrudion; neither isthere: any bonde ofnature or otherwife betweene him andus, that we should haue entercourfe with him or feeke his good or peace - for ever: there- fore are we abfolutely:.: forbidden all manner communion with h'm,in things fpirituall or humane ; all which we may reduce unto four heads., z. The firft cotcerneth our faith that we giue no credit to his word as did our ahra parents,nor admit into our hearts any of his do&nines or damnable herefies; which are called by the Apoftle b DotrinesofDivils : but that we hold faft the word of life taught its ofGod in his fcriptures onely,cavoyding all errors and lyes in religion ; whither hetheniíh Iewifhorantichriftian; for whofoever be the