Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

n Ichron. ro, =3,14 o aSetm.28, "761. rMar.a,34 cI Afi.a6,16 s: fa3. Sao CHAP. I X. -arts , whereby many inch haue fellow_ filip with the damned fpirirs; as .Conju- ring, inchantmcnt, witchcraft, forcerie, divination, charming, necromancie, and all other of the like nature. Touching which Gods law forbiddeth two thins, r . that no man fhould himiclfe Life any fzch curled craft, many of which ar par- ticularly named Dem. 18.1 o 11. but ¿nail or'«eman that had Poch fpirit:, t fl.ould die the death, : z. alio that none (hould m lake unto filch for iiiliru&ion or counfel in any mattcr,for {b thLy fhouid forlake the living God, and turne to the dead. 'Wherefore this tranfgreflion is noted for one of the two caufès ofKin Sauls death: that he 11 fought and asked counfel of a familiar fpirit , (by a witch at o Endor,) and asked not of the Lord. Andas Chrifl would nor P haue the Di- vils to bcarc witnes of him; ío neytlter would the Apoales Cider a inaydwhich had q a fpirit of divination to acknow- ledv tllcrn to be the fervants of the moll high God , and preachers of the way of P.lvation. Finally , not onely thefecvill arts &pradifers of than; but all books or