Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. IX. rot or writings, or other meanes which may the fame , are to be fhunned and abolifhed: as the pradife of the Chrifli- ans,that r burned their books ofcurious crafts, docth teach us. S. The fourth head concerneth Sa- tans tentations, fuggeflions , and provo- cations unto evill; whereby he dayly fol- liciteth everie man unto finne : all which we are taught ofGod carefully to f refit}, giving C no place to the Divil , but by fayth to quench v all his fyery darts; and being armed with the'N.vhole armour of God, to (land fall in the evill day, and in our prayers to defire x that we may be delivered from that Wicked one. Here- in all the Sa+nds, while they line on carth,come ihort of their ductic;and too often doe admit offellowfbip with the Divil,by reafonof the corruption ofna- ture , and infirmity ofthe flefh but by fayth inChrifl we overcome & triumph, and y !hall in the endehaue full redem- ption from all thefe evils. 6. Thus are we taught ofGod to re- fill Satan, and avoyd all manner fellow- Chip with him to the utmofl of our G 3 power .. x.. r frPet.s,g. jam .4,7 cEphef.4, z7 v Eph.6,z6, 13a14, e7C. x 310. 6, a;.. y Rom. IS, zo. e