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CHAP. IX. io; us , in the Golpel of Chrifl. 9. The caufes of this reffraynt and fe- paration from the wicked, are : Firit the will and glorie ofGod,who to the ende we might be his, 7 hath fevered us from other people : and upon this condition hathpromifed to a accept cis, & b marrie us unto himfelfe in faith, that we (hould giue our feines c alone ro him and to his service , andnot runne a d whoringafter f rangers. And hath made this our re- freyning fromcommuni6 with the wic- ked , e one expreife and fpeciall part of hiscovenant with us. Secondly,it is for our own good,leafit by familiaritie with the wicked f we should learn their waies and receiue deftru&%ion to our foules, as others before us , g by and for like ca- riage haue done. Therefore are we war- ned h not towander in their pathes , nor let our heart decline to their waies ; for they go down to the.chambers ofdeath: and if we be i partakers in their fnnes, wee shall receiue 'alfo of their plagues. Thirdly, it is for the good ofchore wic- ked men themfelues , (if fuck be the grace ofGoti towards them) or for their G ; more zLev.a®,26 a2Cor.6,t7 bFloj.z,2o.. c Mat.4,to. d Deat. 3t, z6, zy. e Ex.34, 24' withver.1x, 15,16. fPro. zz, 2 f: gPfa.to5,3í 36.dea.4,3 h Pr2v. 7, i Rev.x8,4.